Rules & Regulations

  • The minimum age to open an account through is 18 (eighteen) years old.
  • Each member is responsible to keep his/her own user id and passwords secretly.
  • Each member must read the rules and regulations of each SportsBook or Casino website where they have been registered before placing their bets. Every member must update their records with, especially their contact number.
  • Cash out/Withdrawal timing is from 9am to 1pm daily.
  • Maximum cash out/withdrawal is 1 (Once) per day. Credits will remain as usual if no cash out/withdrawal made.
  • Minimum deposit is $100 for opening a new account and $100 for subsequent top-ups.
  • Please take note that our affiliates partners and reserve the right to void, refuse and reject any bets placed by customers who are suspected of abnormal/irregular bets or use of artificial intelligence (bots).
  • have the rights to reject any membership who disobey the rules or violate the terms and conditions.


How to open an account with ?

Click Here for more information on how to open an account with

How old do I have to be to join ?

You must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age to join

How do I make a deposit ?

Click Here for more information on how to make a deposit.

How much is the minimum deposit ?

Minimum deposit is $100 for opening a new account and $100 for subsequent top-ups.

How and when do i cash out/withdraw my winnings from my account ?

You are free to cash out/withdraw your money daily from 9am to 1pm. Simply contact us the same way as you had contacted us to open an account and let us know your cash out/withdrawal amount and bank account, your request will be process and done promptly.

How long does it takes for deposit and cash out/withdrawal ?

After confirmation from our customer service staff for deposits and cash outs/withdrawals, it will take about 15 minutes to process.



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